Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hannah's First Composition

Hannah began her piano lessons with her new teacher last week. At her first lesson, her teacher challenged her to find some Japanese piano music on YouTube and write down the titles of the songs she had listened to. Today, her second lesson, she challenged her to write her own composition, of any length, Japanese-style.

When Hannah told me this I must confess to having my doubts as to Hannah's willingness to complete this assignment. This is a girl who is very creative "in her imagination" but struggles putting that to paper. However, she surprised me.

This is her written composition. Below is her playing it. Keep in mind that she has only had one year of piano, has had most of the summer off (because her first teacher moved away and her second teacher did not work out). Additionally, the piano is out of tune (yes Mrs. Wizzle - we will be looking into it.....:-). And, she does play more complicated pieces, this is just very simple because she composed it herself.

Maybe I'm just a proud mama, but I do think it has a Japanese sound to it (having listened with her last week).

I am very, very proud of my daughter.


Laura said...

Ok, I am a very, very proud Auntie! She can do anything she sets her mind too! That, my dear Rosie, was awesome! I cannot wait to see what the years unfold for you as a musician simply because of your love of music/piano at this age. Way to go!

palmtreequeen1 said...

You have something to be proud about!!! That was great!!! And I agree, it does sound Japenese~I was waiting for the big cong at the end :D

Darla said...

Thank you ladies.....& Deanna - what a great idea, maybe I can suggest it (but then I don't know if I should).

QuicklyHome said...

Again..shes so creative. Good job!

Carlee said...

I have a feeling that Seth might be very into the whole gong thing, but may have trouble waiting until the end of the song ;-)