Monday, August 30, 2010

Awesome Girl

See this girl to my left.

She's my girl.

She is VERY sweet.

She helped me with all my work today, asking me WHAT she could do.......

AND....all on her own.....without my prompting....

She brought out her school work and completed THREE subjects!!

How awesome is that? I have been telling the kids that we were getting back at school AFTER Labor Day. She decides to pull a fast one on me today and pulls out her books, much to my unprepared (although very impressed) self. Mule-headed as I am, however, I told her that I wasn't going through her work until AFTER Labor Day (what can say....I'm a person of my word). I have to totally prepare myself mentally when I start what I know to be something big. And starting the next school year is a BIG DEAL to me. And I am not prepared to begin until after the long weekend, plain and simple.

I know this much, Seth ain't starting until AFTER Labor Day......

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