Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All In A Day

I was awoken early this morning by my happy son, jumping on my bed, trying to shake me awake.

"Mom! Mom! Why won't you and Hannah wake up?"

My befuddled brain thought: "You won't be so chipper when you realize you are going to the dentist today for a filling. I won't rain on your parade yet, however, sonny-boy." It's amazing that sarcasm can come so naturally even when my brain is so tired.

Off to the dentist. I thought he needed one teensy filling, but he needed two. Both were very small, but still required anesthetic. I tell ya, when you find a good dentist, one who knows how to handle kids, hang on to him. He had that needle in and out so slick, Seth chatting up a storm the whole time. The only thing Seth refused to cooperate with was having a rubber-dam. I don't like rubber-dams, so I totally sympathized. Tears filled his eyes and he started to panic and cry. Fortunately, they were very patient and removed it (even though it makes their job much easier using the rubber-dam) and did the fillings quick-as-you-please without it, all the while making Seth feel like a million bucks.

He did deserve it. He was totally awesome today. His parade wasn't rained-on after all.

So, because he was so amazing, his dad and I asked him what he would want the most as a reward.

"Smarties," he said.

I explained (hopefully) that it did not have to be candy. It could be a toy. It could be anything (pretty much).

"Smarties," he repeated.

Even though too much sugar and inadequate brushing (although I am stumped about that one because I have been VERY diligent with brushing) is why he needed fillings in the first place, how could I deny him his one request?

So, tonight we went for Smarties. Him and I. Since it was a gorgeous evening, and I needed exercise, I told him we would walk. He walked his little legs off. Twenty blocks, round trip.

When he got home, he ate smarties, talked, read library books, talked some more, rode his bike, talking the whole time. We ended the evening looking up answers to his questions (since I am trying to take them more serious like a good mommy should).

What do giraffe's bones look like? VERY BIG. Saw some interesting pictures.

Do elephants lie down to play dead? Yep. Even though they sleep lying down AND standing up, it stands to reason that since they would be lying down if they were REALLY dead, that if they were playing dead they would have to lie down, right? Sound logic.

Do bees have a heart? (newest question) Yep, although it looks like the large intestine of a human.

And tonight in bed: Can skeletons lie on their side? Again, yep. Sure. If a person dies that way, why not?

The last two questions are definitely worthy of Chapters 3 and 4 of "The Book". At the current rate of his questions (several a day), I will need enough material to fill A THOUSAND chapters.........


Cherylg said...

Darla, your kids are priceless!!!

Sis' C

Darla said...

Aww, thanks, Sis. C!

Rachel Goff said...

It takes a very smart Momma to stay ahead of that little man, and you're doing a fantastic job! I see where he gets his logic from, by the way...