Saturday, August 21, 2010

All About My Girl

The day started in the wee hours of the morning at 8:15 a.m. My husband, who had been up for hours (he has formed this terrible habit in his old age of rising VERY early), came to awaken me. Barely able to focus (because I've formed another terrible habit of going to bed VERY late), he told me that Seth had requested some special time with just his dad. So, since I had been trying to schedule a mother/daughter outing anyway, he suggested that we split up and he have a father/son day at the same time.

Even in my slightly half-wit state, I was very happy that my mama's-boy-son made this request. He loves doing things with his dad, but he has never requested having some time just with him. Away from his mom. And so we planned our day.

Once again, I had a superb day with my girl. Besides going for lunch, we went to her favourite store, Michaels, with the intent of picking out another silk flower, which she just happens to love.

It is becoming more apparent that my girl is very indecisive. She took a half hour just in one aisle of the store, staring at the silk flowers on sale, going back and forth trying to make little bouquets, not being able to decide which ones she liked. She finally told me she wanted me to pick them out.

"What if you don't like my choice?" I asked her.

"I don't care. I want you to pick them out because I just can't," she replied. "And, I know that once I pick out one flower and it's paid for, I will regret not picking the other."

Such is her logic. In fact, she does this all the time in a store, in whatever she buys. She quite often picks out what she doesn't want because she "just knows that she will regret buying what she wants".


She has such endearing quirks. Tonight at prayer meeting, she whispered to me that after prayer meeting, before we left, that she wanted to talk to me. ALONE. Alone to Hannah doesn't mean finding a corner of the sanctuary and whispering. It means setting out on an excursion where there is nobody else and no chance of there being anyone else. We thought we found such a place, but someone came in and dared to turn on the light and ruin it. So we ended up going outside, away from the church.

So she could tell me her secret. In private.

And I will 'fess-up to all here and now. Her secret was VERY GOOD. Maybe some day soon I can share it with y'all. With her permission, of course.

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