Monday, July 26, 2010

Tickle Bug

I spent some time this morning wrestling with my son. His wrestling with his dad is true man-to-man-type, but with me it's tickle-'til-you-puke. Nothing short of that makes him happy. I could tickle that kid for a solid hour and he would still come back for more. I have yet to hear him say, "okay, that's enough now, mom. I'm done tickling". Ever. For six full years (even as a baby it was evident he loved being tickled) I have had to keep his tickle-cup full.

What is even funnier is the places he likes being tickled.

Under the chin.

On the back of the neck. He will literally drop what he's doing if I start "scratching" him there and stand as still as a statue. I've learned it's a wonderful way to get him to calm down a bit.

Behind his ear. He pulls back his ears when that part of his anatomy has been neglected.

Under his arm (which he calls "shoulder" pits). He actually lifts up his arms and waits.

In his "knee pit" (his terminology).

On the bottom of his feet - he'll even put his foot in my face if I've ignored that area too long.

I realize that some of these areas are the more common tickle areas (in the shoulder-pit, for example), but I reckon most of them are not. And I've become convinced of one more thing.

My son really is part canine.

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