Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hannah's First Recital

This is Hannah's beloved piano teacher, Tanya, whom she adores. Unfortunately, Tanya is moving away and we have to find a new teacher. Today was Hannah's recital.

And so Hannah finishes her first year of piano. We have to begin the process of finding her a new teacher, one that she connects with because I truly believe that is a huge reason why she did so well this year.

I am tremendously proud of her.

P.S.: You'll note at the end of her duet that she did not curtsy. It's funny because she manages to play two songs - while being very nervous - but is too "scared" to curtsy. What a funny, delightful girl. (We'll work on the curtsy for her next recital).


Laura said...

She is amazing, talented and I love her to pieces. Wish I could've been there for her to watch. She quite obviously takes after her auntie Laura for her musical talent. Righhttt....NOT!!!

Anonymous said...

.......awwww I could not have done that at 8!!! To play in front of all the people is awesome! It's much easier to start with the accordian :) !!!
Wish I could have been there!


Rachel R said...

Wow! What a blessing for her to have the opportunity to learn piano (or music in general) at that age. She has a natural talent. =)

QuicklyHome said...

Wow! She is amazingly talented.