Saturday, March 20, 2010

Reaching Her Goal

My girl reached her goal today. She made the last $10.00 in her quest to earn $55.00 so she could contribute to the "buy a chair" fundraiser at the church. Thanks to her Aunt Lana and Uncle Will, she was put to work at their house today doing various tasks in order to earn the last little bit.

I reminded her - although she really didn't need reminding - that when she gives the money she should do it in secret. She should not tell anyone what she did. She understood this because it's something we've talked about before. (In fact, she wanted to be so secretive that she wanted to write on the envelope underneath the chair, or downstairs, where nobody could see her). And then I realized that that is exactly what I have done; I have proudly boasted about this. It has given me pause to wonder whether I should have or not. Even though every parent needs to and should boast about their own child occasionally, I haven't reached any conclusion as to whether I should have about this one. The fact is, it's too late anyway.

I do know, however, that in the diary of her life, which this blog is intended to be, I want her to look back and read about the day that the generous spirit of a daughter touched the heart of her mother.

Because she really has moved me.

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Rachel R said...

That's so cute! What a girl of character you have :)