Monday, March 1, 2010

Lazy Boy

"Phew. That sure was hard work."

So said my boy, after finishing off his ice cream. Hard labour that it is.

The fact is, my boy is supremely lazy. That statement really exemplifies this. "It's too hard" is a regular statement he makes. "I'm tired" after working for a short time on something is also something he regularly says.

Today they were outside playing. I made a prediction that he would be outside for a maximum of five minutes before wanting to come in. It's hard work, after all, to make a snowman.

My prediction came true.

Almost to the second, five minutes later he comes to the door wanting in.

"No," I told him. "You are NOT coming in yet. Go play."

"I want in," he whined. "I'm tired."

"Then you have two choices. If you come in you are going to bed, since you're so tired. Or, you stay outside. Your choice." Mean mom that I am.

"I'm not gonna play!" he whined again.

"Fine," I said. "Just sit down and watch other kids in the neighbourhood do all the work," I replied.

And that's what he did. He sat down and watched his sister shovel and build a snowman.

Until she started a snowball fight. He entered with a gusto, for another five minutes. Then he came crying to the door because HE HAD SNOW ALL OVER HIS FACE AND DOWN HIS JACKET! The end of the world had come!

Maybe I could make him run on the spot for five minutes as a new form of discipline. Maybe I'll get him a punching bag for his bedroom.

Whatever it takes, we've got to toughen that boy up somehow.


Amy St. Pierre said...

Oh Darla, I am struggling with EXACTLY the same thing and my boy is going to be in less than a month! I am so frustrated with the whining and just the overall-is my boy ever going to toughen up-??? I get assured constantly that he will, so all I can do is just try to ward off the whining when it starts, make him stand up and try to shrug it off when he is only slightly hurt...and love him...not sure what else to do...

Darla said...

Thanks for your reassurance, Amy. I don't get a lot of reassurance with Seth simply because he's the first boy on both sides of the family (since my brother anyway, who is 48, and whom my mom says was perfect......, and Dave, who is ancient and who also says HE was perfect......) and none of my siblings have "trodden this path".

I do know when I look back at some of Hannah's issues, she has outgrown most of them, just like they told me. I'll just have to be patient with Seth, I guess. WHICH I'M NOT.

Amy St. Pierre said... neither...I get totally impatient with Logan and often raise my voice when I know something better would probably work more. He's always been very sensitive and cries easily, and I want him to retain that, but yet be strong when he needs to be-I am sure we are going to see changes as time passes...please God?!?