Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Son, The Delight

Although my son manages to push my buttons every day - yes, every day (if there are any perfect mothers out there - you know, the ones who can manage to go several days between the knickers-in-a-knot stage, please identify yourself because I would like your autograph), he also makes me laugh and smile several times a day. So you see, it balances itself out.

Today, while saying goodbye to grandma, he turns to me (and I wasn't even the one going anywhere), strokes my cheek and says, "Mom, you sure are lovely."

Yup. My son, the Charmer.

Tonight after church, while changing into his jammies, he was having trouble getting his shirt off.

"Mom, I need your help getting my shirt off," he asks. Daddy, who was standing right there, told him that he could help him and proceeds to do just that. A delighted Seth then turns back to me and says,

"Mom, dad sure is a good man!"

Yup. My son, the Irresistible.

After getting ready for bed, the kids were constantly trying to scare each other. I told them to quit because I'd had enough of the scaring. Seth informs me, with furrowed eyebrows and all, that he has to "scare people away from all of his friend girls!". (Not girlfriends).

Yup. My son, the Knight.


Rachel Roberts said...

Lol! That gave me a good laugh! Especially the scaring one... I remember as kids we LOVED scaring each other. What a thrill... haha My mom too would eventually tell us to quit it. Wait until they get bigger...and start scaring you! (We would especially hide around the corner by the bathroom and scare any unaware bathroom visitors) Good times :)

Darla said...

Rachel: We definitely have the "scaring" gene in our family and my kids have inherited it. My mom did a good job instilling this in us. She waits while people are in the bathroom and POUUNDS on the door. She has even done this to people she has just met! How sick is that?!

At this stage it's just a total nuisance, however, because they get to the point where they're "scared" to go anywhere by themselves and want me to go with them.

Yep. Definitely good times.