Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Missing The Point

Oh how I love my girl. She is so sincere and earnest, and she takes things so literal. I have NO idea where she gets this from.

While listening to Odyssey on the road today, the story was about Nick, who defended Nathanial from the bully Rodney Rathbone. Nathanial was in such admiration of Nick for rescuing him the he started to emulate Nick, imitating everything he was doing. Unfortunately, he caught Nick smoking and decided to try that as well, hurting himself in the process (much to Nick's chagrin).

As parents often do, I thought I would use this story to enforce a principle that I strongly believe in. Hannah is very bright and, although only six, doesn't usually "miss the point". I said:

"Now do you understand, Hannah, why it's so important for parents to monitor their children's friends? It's because some children are willing to do anything to keep a friend, like Nathanial did."

Oh how wise I was! Teaching strong principles. Guiding my child so eloquently. Enjoying my soapbox while my daughter sat in rapt attention.

And her response?

"But mom, none of my friends smoke!"

And they don't. I am comforted.

From the mouths of babes.


Rachel Peterson said...

Hah hah.. .This sounds like Jenna now..lol

Laura said...

Oh, my goodness, your kids make my day, Darla! Between this story and the other one...yeah. I predict Seth will be e rocket scientist or mathemetician, because he seems to like "problem" solving! Hee, hee, hee.

Darla said...

Poor Jenna.