Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas and Other Stuff

Here is my son, posing as Pajama Sam (without the cape - I think he'd strangle himself if I actually tied it around his neck, which is why we haven't made him one yet). Daddy made him the mask (which he calls darkness ??), and he had his Batman lunch bag and his flashlight (to scare away darkness) as props. He is totally content.

And here is my girl. She loves helping by regularly sweeping my floors, washing and/or drying my dishes (I have never had a dishwasher), dusts my walls (imagine that? - she actually asks to do this), puts away my groceries, and generally anything that she can find to make my life easier. She has been like this since she was three, and only rarely is too absorbed in something else to help. I absolutely love this about her and hope she never changes.

On to other stuff......We had two very nice days. We spent Christmas Eve with my entire family (I cannot remember the last time we were all together, my dad, his wife, my grandma, my mom, and all of us siblings and families - WOW!) at Lana and Will's. The food was great. There were games, laughter and generally a great day.

Hannah had a blast playing games. She even played foosball and was just as good as some of the adults. She also played crockinole, checkers and Skip-Bo. Seth just basked in plenty of attention from his older, beautiful female cousins and was content.

Today we slept late. Very late. Like 9:00 (ahhhh, for the days when noon was late). It would have been later if I had my way, but Seth decided he couldn't just cuddle me. He had to put his cheeks right on top of mine and lay that way, making it kind of impossible to sleep any longer. Dave and I were of the same mindset that a big breakfast was in order, so invited my mom to come over for brunch.

After the kids had a much needed rest after the late nights, my girl and I played Skip-Bo and Uno in the late afternoon. I am very impressed with her ability to play games. She holds her own and plays just as well as the adults I know (and even better than some). I am looking forward to the day when Seth can play because Dave and I will partner up with our kids and have games nights. Dave and I very much enjoy games as well. While playing these games, Hannah spouted off a few facts (unverified by myself) about the solar system. She woke up this morning with a sudden interest to look at the planets on line and as a result, I discovered that, according to her, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are the three most dangerous planets to live on. Mars has the most volcanoes, Jupiter has ammonia (although at first she called it pneumonia), and Saturn has storms. Interesting huh? True or not, I really don't know, but I love her inquisitive nature. I was nothing like that when I was six. Which cartoons were on on Saturday morning was about as inquisitive as I got.

After supper, we went for a drive to see the lights and ended up at my grandmas. Christmas day can be very lonely if you're all alone, so we wanted to make sure to have a visit with that grand lady.

And finally, we ended with the usual bedtime routine of a snack, brushing the teeth, and story, which was undertaken by daddy as follows:

With a flashlight under the blanket, to the delight of the kids. Dave is very game when it comes to these kinds of things.

And that ends our wonderful two days. Maybe tomorrow I'll actually get some work done, but this extra rest and time with family has been much needed. Goodnight.


Laura said...

Wow! We don't have to look any further than the last picture to see why the kids are like they are...their dad! Just kidding! Love the pics. Can picture Seth loving you when you pull that one out to show his fiance! Ha! I want to be there when you tell her, "Don't worry, my son will take care of you, he will protect you!" Rigghhht!

Anonymous said...

Wow did that ever bring back precious memories..Pajama Sam(You Are What You Eat) was our very first computer game, and then we got No Need To Hide When It Is Dark Outside, the cape, flashlight,lunch box and mask,Yes we WERE Pajama Sam. Thunder And Lighting Aren't So Frightening is also a good one. Oh the good ol days when my precious gurl "wanted" to help lol.:)enjoy it it goes by so fast!!
love ya

Darla said...

Laura: Yep. It's Dave's fault. They only get their good traits from me.

Mindy: Pajama Sam, Freddi Fish and Putt Putt are his favourites. It was a very nice surprise that you commented. Have a great new year if I don't talk to you before then.