Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hannah's First Story

On my previous post, I mentioned that Hannah agreed to write me a story if I gave her three days to do it. Here is her story, verbatim:

once upon a Time
a littil Girl ran
away from Home
she Got lost in
the woods she ran
and ran but she could
not find her way
out of The woods
but finally her Dad
found her and she
Lived Happily ever

We have been working on beginning sentences with capital letters and ending sentences with periods. This needs some work (obviously). However, like I said previously, from three weeks ago going from the dog ran to this is quite a huge leap, in my opinion. I'm pretty proud of her.

And, like most little girls, daddy is obviously her hero.


Laura said...

I absolutely loved it! It sort of smells like the stories her uncle Shannon would tell her cousins when he would read bedtime stories to them and make them up as he went along. The girls would get so frustrated at times because his stories would be three or four sentences long and then it would be "lights out".

Tell my Rosie that the only thing she has to do with the story is add "The End" to it.


Auntie Laura

Darla said...

I can't wait until she attempts to tell what she lies in bed at night imagining. She tells me what she will be imagining almost every night and if I could only get her to write that down, that would be interesting.

! V r e n said...

That's adorable.

Darla said...

! v r e n: T h a n k s !

(Couldn't resist! - you are so sweet!)