Thursday, October 23, 2008

Can't Help But Wonder

Okay, personal dislike and distrust of Obama aside, I have always wondered this and have not yet seen anyone ask it.

Barack Obama favors income redistribution. He believes in equality and thinks it's only fair that wealth is shared so the rich do not keep getting richer and the poor do not keep getting poorer.

The 2006 census of American households state that the median income for all families is $48,201.00. For married couple families, it's $69,716.00.

My question is this: How can intelligent people be duped into believing in a philosophy such as this, spoken by a politician who earns hundreds of thousands of dollars more (almost $1,000,000.00 in fact, according to their 2006 tax return) than the median income for married couples with families, without asking him to practice what he preaches? If he thinks it unfair for some to be rich and some to be poor, then HAND IT ON OVER, BABY.

I would like to see Barack Obama, a preacher of this redistribution nonsense, live on $69,716.00 a year. Share his wealth. Help bring a lot of poor people up to par. Perhaps Michelle can donate her $300,000 plus annual income to charity. She could always volunteer her time for the University of Chicago Hospitals if she's bored.

After all, fair is fair.