Friday, April 8, 2011

Seven Years

**I tried to post this on the day of my son's birthday, from my laptop, while on vacation. But my laptop is possessed and would NOT HAVE IT. Here is a tribute to my son....**

Today, he is 7.

I am not sure there is much I can say that I haven't said a kajillion times. But today, he is 7. That I have NEVER said before.

We tried to make the day as special as you can make it when you are on vacation and have driven endlessly. When you are currently staying in your FIFTH hotel room in EIGHT days.

Today we stayed put. We are in the coast of Oregon, heading North, eventually making our way home. We spent time at a wild animal games park which my son really enjoyed, because it was the type of park that allowed the tame animals to wander free through the park. He got to pet rams, goats, sheep, donkeys, burrows (there IS a difference between the two, which I didn't know). He tried to get close to the deer and peacocks, but they would have none of it. In addition, he got to pet a baby Bengal tiger, a possum, a coon, a ferret, and even a de-stinkified skunk.....which turned out to be his favourite. What a surprise.

His first phone call this morning was from his Auntie Laura. She told him to take lots of pictures of the tiger so she could scrapbook them, which he promptly replied with: " are *destroying* my sense of humour!"

All day his milked his birthday-boy status. "I think, since it's MY birthday, that we should go to the park," or "Do I get to pick a place to eat, since it's MY birthday?" He did pretty much get his choice of everything, too.

He told the kids at the park it was his birthday. He coloured a picture at the restaurant we were at, put it on the window facing out so the "cars passing by could see what an awesome job he did".

Yep. That's my boy. NEVER wanting to be the centre of attention.

He is still such a stinker. He is still so stinkin' lovable. He is the kind of kid whose personality I have always enjoyed tremendously IN OTHERS. Maybe God saw that and decided that's the kind of son I needed.

Whatever the case, I sure am glad he's my son. Even at my most frustrated, I know deep down inside that I wouldn't change him if I could.

I'm thankful to God for seven wonderful years. Oh how I love that boy!

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