Saturday, April 23, 2011

Family Fun

It began with request from my son to read him the classic Three Little Pigs tonight, which I have not read in eons. As a joke, I called it the Three Piddle Ligs instead. This prompted my husband to google the Three Piddle Ligs, which turned up scads of spoonerisms.

If you have never read to your children using spoonerisms, try it. We had one of funnest evenings in a long time.

Dave read Cinderella and the Gairy Fodmother. Then I read the Three Piddle Ligs. I honestly thought my son was going to wet himself, such were his lelly baughs. Particularly when I read that the wolf : "chimed the climney and dropped tail first into a boiling stot of POO!"

Talk about deeding nepends!!

Ha Ha! Nood Gight!


Laura said...

I know what we are in for over the next few weeks! What a great way to end a great day with family and Great Granny's birthday!

Rachel Goff said...

Oh what fun!! I know what we're doing tomorrow (after cleaning up from the cyclone that went thru our house today...)!!! Thanks for the great, fun idea! I know Kyzer will absolutely love it.

Jenn Penny said...

My auntie used to tell me the story of 'Rindercella'. I should try and get her to give it to me for you to read to the kids.

! V r e n said...

Ahahahah! Harla Dude! That was funny! When i was younger I always liked mixing names up like that.. ... okaaaay i STILL do it now. LOL =)