Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Long Time Ago

Today I printed off a poem I wrote to my daughter just before her seventh birthday and gave it to her. For some reason, I neglected to give it to her for her birthday which was my original intention (how bad is that?). As a result, she spent some time this afternoon writing a poem for me.

A Long Time Ago
(Dedicated to my 42-year-old mother)

A long time ago
You weren't what you are to me now
I had more play time then
But I want to spend more time with you now

A long time ago
I was more cute
A long time ago
I could make more of a hoot

When I was small
Long ago
I grew big
Not as big as Bo

You are the best
I think I know how
I love you
And I haven't stopped now


The first line really choked me up, because it is really true. Hannah wasn't very cuddly as a baby or as a little girl. She was busy and curious and loved spending time with her daddy. In the last couple of years she has changed dramatically. She has become a snuggler. She expresses herself very eloquently and tells me many times a day how much she loves me. One of her common sayings to me is that she "wouldn't want any other mom but me" (imagine that - even after a day of school?). We have begun a little game at night when she is tucked in we call "I love you more than.....". One of us will begin the line and the other will finish it with a rhyme. We have found it to be a very special, pleasant way to finish the day, bonding us even more - amid belly laughter because of the silly things we think to say.

She is still very close to her dad and I hope (and doubt) that will ever change. She's just managed to include me in her heart with that special closeness. I pray it will continue to grow as she blossoms into those teenage years.

I've hung her poem on the wall in my bedroom. Along with other works of "art" that she made for me (her latest passion). My bedroom wall has become a collage of childhood artwork and scribblings. Tell me, what is paint and design to the 1,000 watt smiles of a very pleased child?


Rachel Peterson said...

Awe. Thats cute. I never could write poetry so kudos to her!

Laura said...

Isn't that the truth? I still have tucked away all the hundreds of notes, pictures the girls drew me, or colored from a coloring book. In fact I just received a letter last week hand written from my "18" year old that I will tuck away and treasure for the rest of my life.

Darla said...

You DO write excellent prose, however, Rachel.

Yes, Laura. I suspect this is really only the beginning. That girl is becoming more expressive all the time and beginning to really love writing things down.

This really is a treasure to me.

Rachel Roberts said...

When I was younger and much more in-tune, (wink) I used to wonder why parents hung such "bad" art work that their kids would create.

That was until Levi brought his first coloring project home from Sunday School.

All it was, was a few coloring scribbles but it melted my heart.

Of course it ended up on the fridge :)