Sunday, October 25, 2009


We are a fairly traditional family. Two parents. Two kids. NO pets. One God. Dad brings home the bacon. Mom stays home with kids. AND HOMESCHOOLS. Dad definitely wears the pants in the family. Mom is submissive (no rotten eggs, please!). Mom generally cooks the meals. Dad can cook and does sometimes (remember: he was a bachelor until age 38). Mom cleans and does laundry, and YES, dad can do these things but generally doesn't (not that mom thinks he should). Mom irons dad's shirts and everyone else's clothes. Mom brings home a little bit of bacon. Dad fixes - EVERYTHING.

There is one thing,however, that this mama does NOT do.

But daddy does. And it's pretty unconventional.

It's got a little something to do with a needle and thread.

This mama does not sew. Yes, she can sew a button on, but generally she chooses to use a safety pin. She has NEVER sewn a hem, choosing scotch tape instead (the preferred method of most of the single girls at camp meeting when she was young and single). Daddy hems his own pants. He sews buttons on. He mends.


Now, I really think the reason I have not offered to sew on his buttons or mend his pants (because I'm pretty sure I could) is because of those stinkin' socks. I'm certain that if I offer to do the one, I might actually have to mend them when they NEED TO BE THROWN IN THE GARBAGE!

My kids are very well trained in this area. When they have a tear in something, they very unconventionally take their item to.......daddy, of course. This morning, my daughter decided she was tired of the stuffing coming out of her bear, so she took it and three of her brother's animals with cuts and bruises to the surgeon general. So, before church, while I very traditionally ironed, fed the kids, helped them get ready, did my daughter's hair, combed my son's hair, washed faces and brushed teeth, Dr. Daddy gave stitches. And made my kids' day.

I watched in awe (when I had time). And I wondered if I should feel bad or not. And then I thought (in justification, of course), "Nah. I do every other traditional thing in this family. This just makes us unique."

So I'm curious. Are there any unique, unconventional habits in your family?


Mrs. Wizzle said...

Mel is the same. He hems his own pants, takes in, lets out his pants, and other friends and son and has been known to help me with a pattern when I have been sewing. I would be afraid to take on his sewing jobs as I think he does a much better job than I would. He also irons his own shirts, does laundry and occasionally cooks. We both work full time.

Darla said...

I guess I wouldn't feel *guilty* if we both worked full-time (I mean at jobs out of the house). To be honest, Dave is just very determined to do whatever needs to be done and learn it if he doesn't know how. I'm not. If I hate something, I'm VERY sluggish about learning it.

Rachel Roberts said...

I actually DON'T do the ironing in our household. My husband wouldn't trust me to iron his uniform in a million years. ha ha!

I do pretty much every other household chore though, with great satisfaction might I add.

Don't feel bad. I don't sew either. When my mom asked me what I wanted for a Christmas gift last year, and I responded with "a sewing machine", (which was a completely honest answer since I had been wanting to try sewing!) she laughed at me!!! And not because it was too expensive or lavish, but because the mere thought of me sewing was hysterical to her. lol!!

Darla said...

At least you DESIRE to learn to sew, Rachel. I don't. And I fully understand why your husband irons his own uniform. I haven't yet known anyone in the military (or even cadets) that doesn't because their uniform is something they are very specifically trained to take pride in.

Thanks for commenting, Rachel.

Rachel Peterson said...

Ahem. I never sewed my badges on. In fact my dad sewed on my MWO badge... I think I sewed on one and it was terrible. And most cadets ask their mother to sew it on lol.

Darla said...

Okay, Rachel P. I'm not talking about sewing. That's the NEMESIS of this whole blasted post. I am talking about ironing (which I thought you did), but I do know for sure you polished your boots to perfection. If I'm wrong, tell me personally so as not to embarrass me in public.

Just joking, of course.

Rachel Peterson said...

Hah hah. Yes, I am a whiz at Ironing. I can crease things so sharp your grandmother's nose looks dull. :P
And polishing..yup I am so good at that.