Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I love my nieces. In fact, they have become especially close to my heart in the last little while. Lately they have been very thoughtful and kind to my kidlets. As I posted recently, Jenna is particularly thoughtful about writing letters to Hannah, which makes my girl feel like a million bucks. Yesterday, Rachel very generously gave her "old" digital camera to Hannah. Hannah is thrilled to be able to take her own pictures to her heart's content, and I'm thrilled that she has this new creative outlet.

Yesterday I invited them both over for supper since Dave wasn't going to be home. They decided it was a good day to take the kids outside and have a water gun fight. They went and bought a couple of big, honkin' water guns and some balloons, and they threw and sprayed to their heart's content, much to the delight of my kids. Then they gave the water guns to the kids, who woke up this morning first thing to ask me if they could go outside for a water gun fight. They also asked of Rachel and Jenna were coming back today because they wanted another fight.

So, to my nieces: You're the greatest.


One more quick story. Hannah locked herself in her room for most of the day because she got it into her head that she wanted to write a song. WRITE A SONG. I was tickled pink. I don't know what put it into her head, but I was ecstatic that she had the desire to try to create something. I set her up on Microsoft Office, gave her a quick lesson (that girl is going to be showing me EVERYTHING within a couple of years, I guarantee it) and told her to type away. She came out periodically to ask me how to spell words like "praise" and "ghost" - as in Holy Ghost. I waited with anticipation. I really don't care what she writes or even if it's any good. Truly. I am just so fascinated that she got this idea in her head.

The end result? She tried writing two songs and deleted them. Honestly, I am not disappointed - she spent several hours working on this project. She told me that "it was really difficult to write a song", and I told her that I was so happy that she was trying and to not give up. She could try again tomorrow.

She ended up typing the first page of her Nancy Drew book - PERFECTLY - every jot and tittle in place, and told me she had every intention of typing the whole book. I managed to hide my smile.

I do think I will get her on a typing tutor ASAP. That girl pretty much has Microsoft Office down.


Rachel Peterson said...

"Jot and tittle" lol. I started typing at her age. :P I had a lot of fun last night. I want to take them on a picnic before the end of summer. (I am just a big kid, and cant find any people my age to do kid things with! Just kidding.)

palmtreequeen1 said...

Rachel and Jenna, I pray my daughter turns out like you. Words cannot express the fullness of respect and admiration I have for you both. May God continually bless you:)

Darla said...

So do I Deanna. Imperfect but REAL. That's why I love them so much. They are working on their flaws - and could give some of US (meaning me, as well) adults a lesson on that. But not a fake bone in their bodies. And that means more to me than anything.

I was also commenting to a friend of mine that I very much love the type of people who can look "behind the veil" of someone's personality; look pasts the complexities and sometimes even the negative things that seem to stand out. My pastor's wife is the best example I know of for being able to do that. I think you have that gift, too, Deanna.

Anonymous said...

....awww I miss my little chicken and my tuna fish boy....

! V r e n said...

This made me smile :)
Hannah baby keep writing songs and don't delete them for heavens sake!! LOL

Agreed. Rachel and Jenna are awesome girls.

Rachel Peterson said...

I guess we would have had an easier time breaking the water balloons if they were actually WATER balloons. Yah Oops.

Darla said...

Vren: I think I'm so fascinated by this because when I was her age all I cared about was playing outside and watching TV. I never even cracked a book, and we were rarely read to because neither of my parents were great at reading. Only time will tell if she actually has a talent, but I am certainly fascinated with her creative enthusiasm.

I miss you, too, Lana!

Yeah Rach, the water balloons weren't quire so successful, but you did throw some.