Friday, June 26, 2009

For Sale

For Sale: Two children. Ages 7 and 5, girl and boy. Very bright. Very active. Both rise with the dawn EVEN WHEN THEY GO TO BED LATE. And fight. And wake up their parents. All offers considered.


Angie said...

HAHa Darla your hilarious!!

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

I'll take 'em- I already have 3. What's a couple more?!? RG
P.S. This coming after your post retracting the one about Seth being a stinker? Oh, how I can relate!!!!!!!!!!

Amy St. Pierre said...

Haha, if only they had a site for parents like us...we'd be selling and retracting all the time!!!

Darla said...

Yup, ladies, selling and retracting. That's what I do regularly. I'm just so tired because the darlings WON'T SLEEP IN even though they now can! Letting them stay up later doesn't help and makes them cranky by the afternoon. I remember loving my summers so I could SLEEP IN! Not so with my darlings.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll see my "retraction" post soon.

P.S. Angie: You're getting good at commenting! I'm impressed. By the way, I received your little package and will give you a call. Love ya.

Laura said...

Why should yours be any different than mine were? I remember one conference when we were out until rediculous late, like 3am and had to get up at 7am to leave to come home. They were up bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Ya I remember those days, finding my youngest at 2 yrs of age in my face, "Good morning mommy. It's time to get up...mommy...I love you...mommy." She was always up at
the crack of dawn. Now I wish I could get her up that early! lol.

Darla said...

Laura: Believe me, I'm waiting for the day that they sleep in. Jenna keeps reassuring me that it will happen because it happened to her.

And, uh......Angie....I just found out you weren't my "best buddy Angie from Washington", and are likely my.....ah.....??second best buddy, Angie??? (Ha, ha). Seriously, I assume the "Angie" comment came from my nieces buddy from Calgary, so really, I do not expect any package from you.

Unless the Lord lays it on your heart....ha,ha.

Angie said...

HAHA I was wondering what that little package thing was about!! LOL O well, yes I am the "Angie from Calgary" HAHA....I hate to break it to you but don't expect a package in the near future!! ;-)

Graceful Threads said...

Did you keep your reciept? Maybe you can take 'em back? Or at least exchange 'em for some late sleepers...;-)

I feel for ya...I have never had a late sleeper ...regardless of how late they stay up...*sigh*