Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

We took a short trip yesterday, and part of this trip included a ferry ride across the Saskatchewan River. It was a highlight for the kids. It was fortunate we did take the trip because it turned out to be the only thing we got to do for this Father's Day weekend because we were rained out today.

Dave was born to be a father. It's really too bad that he had to wait so long to be one because he really would have wanted a "quiver full". He delights in teaching (I think he missed his calling in life) and is particularly an excellent teacher by experimentation, which I am very thankful for because he can take over in this area of school.

All in all, it was a pleasant, relaxed Father's Day weekend. It ended tonight with Dave finding clips on You Tube on how the great Egyptian pyramids were constructed to show his beloved daughter - because she wanted to know, of course. They both listened and watched in rapt attention.

I am so thankful that one of us is able to patiently teach our child-with-the-insatiable-curiousity. My husband. The patient teacher. Thank the Lord.

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