Sunday, January 11, 2009

Two Tales

I don't know if I can adequately tell these two stories, but I'm going to try, hoping that they're not the "you just had to be there" variety.

A couple of days ago, Seth was in his bedroom playing while I was doing something in my bedroom (which is across from his). I happened to be looking at him in his room when he suddenly got up, ran out of his room and SLAMMED his door. He took off like lightening down the hallway, hollering at me:


It was totally hilarious. The poor boy was scared spitless.

I guess he must have forgotten to put on his Pajama Sam mask.

After he took off down the hall, I got on my hands and knees and stealthily crept up to his bedroom door while my son watched curiously. I got up to his door, stood up and flung it open wide, entering his room yelling, "HIIII YAAA!", all the while doing karate chops.

I thought I would for the moment be my son's hero. I was wrong. He smiled at me when I told him the monster was gone, then proceeded to tell everyone else that "Jesus scared the monster away!".

But that's okay. Jesus will scare the monster away, after all.


We have a wonderful new (I think Jamaican - ??) couple in our church that recently moved here from Toronto. Paul and Jennifer have been a wonderful blessing to our church.

Paul obviously loves kids, and since he's been here has been trying valiantly to win Seth over. My son is the sort who has to invite you to be his friend, and so far he hasn't invited Paul. I've been warning him lately to be nice and not be a little snot (something he can be good at), so at prayer meeting on Saturday night when we pulled up to the church, the first thing he asked was, "Where's Paul?" I told him that he was inside and again warned him to be nice.

When we got inside, he told me that he didn't see him. I didn't understand this because he was in his usual place, but I answered him. After church, Paul again came over to talk to Seth, and this time Seth was a little more cooperative.

This morning while getting ready for church, Seth asked me if Paul was going to be there because he "didn't see him last night". Not comprehending, I reminded him that "yes, he did see Paul last night, remember?" Seth turned to me and said,

"Not the BROWN Paul."

"The brown Paul?" I asked (with a chuckle - I couldn't help it). "Which Paul do you mean?"

"You know, mom. Paul and Madine."

For anyone who doesn't know who Paul and Madine are, they are Brother and Sister Covill Jr. the pastor and wife from the church in Regina, whom we have known since they were teenagers. We have stayed at their house in the past, and Seth has always called Nadine either Madine or Radine. Knowing them, I'm quite sure they wouldn't mind my telling this story. It really was very funny.

Brown Paul and Paul and Madine. That's my boy. Always good for a chuckle.


Laura said...

I can just see you doing kung fu! Did you pull a muscle? It always amazes me how the minds of little children work.

P.S. Paul is Nigerian and Jennifer is British. lol

Darla said...

Laura: P.S.: It was karate. Read the post.

Laura said...

I was positive you told me kung fu on the phone...I know, I'm a winner.
You probably changed it after! ha! ha! I was sure it said kung fu.

Rachel Peterson said...

Oh my word. LOL. That was pretty funny. You should be Aunty Ninja, kay?

Chandra said...

Darla, CHILDREN ARE FUNNY!! LOL I love hearing stories about children. Being a sunday school teacher and riding the sunday school has given me my share of funny moments. Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad you commented on my blog today! I'm scrolling through your blog now. Have an awesome day!


Darla said...

Why thank you Chandra! I'm so glad you commented on my blog, too!