Monday, November 17, 2008

"Mom! This Is Your Son!"

In the last few days, Seth has taken a very sudden, strong interest in drawing and coloring. So much so that he'll drop whatever else he's doing to draw a quick picture, or color something.

Today, he was in his bedroom drawing, when he ran out excitedly, yelling:


I had to laugh at the way he said it. I was also very surprised and impressed by the picture. I mean, this is not a regular stick man typical for most four-year-olds. I can actually make out the attempt at his hair, ears, eyes, and body.

Yesterday he spent about 45 minutes coloring the picture below. This is the same boy who just months ago lost interest in coloring after 5 minutes and requested help. Suddenly, he's coloring and very particular about it.

Not only did he pick out the right colors (new for him, usually the trees are purple and the grass is blue......), but he very carefully tried to color within the lines. I really don't think his big sister could color like this at his age.

I'll be very interested in the next while to see if this is just a passing phase, or if perhaps he has a natural talent for this. It will definitely be something we'll want to help cultivate, if it is.


Carlee said...

That picture that seth colored is AMAZING! I can't even believe that he is so little doing such amazing coloring!!! I STILL cant color like that and I'm almost nineteen! :p I hope he keeps up the good work! Here comes the next Picasso, or Divinci! :D

In the Light Photography said...

I love those pictures! They made me laugh...oh, wait. Your kids, Seth is particular, usually make me laugh! Anyway, back tothose pictures. Maybe, just maybe, we have another artist in the family. It would be so cool. Can;t wait to see.

Laura said...

That last comment was me...Auntie Laura. I was on Rach's blog when I posted. So, yah. Anyway, love the pics!

Amy St. Pierre said...

Wow, what a guy! That's pretty amazing for a! Logan has just started being very careful with his coloring and he is 6 and a half! Of course, Emma was more careful by 4 being a girl!!!

Amanda said...

What a talented little guy!

Isn't it amazing how they focus on a skill and work so hard when they want to?

WTG, Seth!

Darla said...

Thanks, ladies, for your comments. I think what amazes me the most is the suddenness of the change (with Seth and his coloring) and with kids in general. Just when I think he/she will "never get it" or "never like it", they do!

It's never dull being a mom.