Saturday, September 6, 2008

On The Fence With Sarah Palin

I doubt there are many Canadians who have not heard of her. She's been the talk of the media for the last several days. She stormed into the American Presidential race, completely throwing the left-wingers off guard and into a bit of a tizzy.

She is Sarah Palin, and just last week she was named John McCain's Vice Presidential running mate for the Republican Party.

I know that politics and religion are the two "unmentionables" to some people. I happen to love both topics and, in case it hasn't yet been obvious, am very opinionated about both.

I have never liked Hillary Clinton. In fact, dislike is really not a strong enough word to express my feelings about her. She is left-wing. I am right-wing. She is a feminist. I am totally against the feminist movement. Although I very much appreciate the women who fought for the right for women to vote, there is very little else the feminist movement has accomplished. Taking women out of the home (to prove their ability to compete with men in the work force) and thus putting their children in day care to further their career are not what I consider accomplishments. They are what I consider a breaking down of the family unit. I do not consider the role of a woman any less than a man as the nurturer of the children and as the glue that holds the family unit together. In fact, I consider it in some ways even more important. I am satisfied that God made men and women different and for different purposes. They are not meant to compete. Hillary Clinton stands for everything I truly detest.

I am pretty mediocre about John McCain. He is neither the worst presidential nominee, nor the the best, in my opinion. His age is thought to be a factor not in his favor, as well as his views on the war in Iraq. However, if any man can have a strong opinion about the war, or the troops, it is John McCain. As a previous prisoner-of-war for five years (one who refused to leave the other P.O.W.'s when given the chance), he has earned that right.

Now for Obama. I could probably devote an entire post about him. I started out cautiously optimistic about him, even though he was a left-wing Democrat. However, in the last several months, after much reading and researching, I have come to be very afraid of him and I am scared to death that he'll win this election. I really believe he is a wolf in sheep's clothing and that the devil himself would vote for him if he could - even over Hillary. It's what I see about Hillary that I strongly dislike, but it's what I don't see about Obama that scares me spitless. America (and thus Canada, whether we like it or not) will be in very serious trouble if Obama gets in. At no other time in my memory, in any election in the last 20 years, either American or Canadian, have I been so unsettled about a candidate and the outcome of an election.

And so Sarah Palin enters the race. Wonderful Sarah Palin, who at this point balances out the polls and evens the playing field. A woman who has upstaged Hillary and Obama (and maybe even Oprah.....gasp!) in recent days. A very strong prolifer who recently had a son born with Down Syndrome and calls herself "blessed to be chosen by God to be the mother of this child". A fundamentalist Christian who has made some very tough decisions as Governor of Alaska. A very strong counterpart to John McCain and a brilliant choice by his advisers.

So why am I on the fence?

After the initial hype and excitement surrounding her nomination, there was something niggling in the back of my mind that I couldn't escape. As a strong promoter of core family values, a mother of five children - one who is unmarried and pregnant, but who is doing the right thing by carrying her baby to term - and one baby with special needs, how can she be Vice President of the United States and still give her family the time it needs? As one writer put it, you can't hold this high of an office without being married to America. How in the world is she going to be able to care for her two middle daughters and her special needs son? All the money her position will bring can obviously care for his medical bills, but it can never, never replace her as mommy.

And so it comes to this: How can I detest Hillary - the promoter of women's choice, careers and daycare - and not apply this same principle to Sarah Palin?

For the sake of America and this election, Sarah Palin is a brilliant choice. For the sake of her children and family, it's not.


Laura said...

I am beginning to detest politics because it takes good, wholesome people and turns them into greedy monsters. It is the "cut-throat" "do whatever you have to do" to win, style that I so despise. Whatever happened on winning an election on principles and integrity? Is there any such thing in this day and age anymore?

Darla said...

Yeah, we really do want it both ways. We want the "good guys" to run in the election and we want them to stay that way. It's very difficult to do that because power so often corrupts.

Thanks for the comment.

In the Light Photography said...

I have recieved black eyes on three different occasions, had my wrist cracked, and my nose broken, simply for saying I agree with George Bush. Needless to say, politics is a touchy subject. More specifically, US politics in Canada.

Laura said...

Hah, I was almost disowned a few years ago from some family members for saying that I liked the fact that Bush had guts to take on terrorists! Yup, you can definately get some black eyes when it comes to politics! lol.

Darla said...

You said it, Rachel. US politics in Canada - the unmentionable. No doubt about it, if it were up to Canadians, Obama would win with a huge majority (and we would all need God's mercy). Fortunately, I think, Americans aren't quite as sold on this power hungry IMPOSTER.

I think Bush has made many bad decisions in his two terms of office, but I do think Al Gore would have done worse.

Just remember to state your political opinion, Laura & Rachel, with both arms up ready to defend the swings!

Rachel and Aaron Roberts said...
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Rachel and Aaron Roberts said...

Great post Darla. I appreciate reading an educated and balanced opinion on this whole "ordeal".

My two-bits on Sarah Palin is that it was simply John McCain pulling the last ace out of his sleeve to try and win this race. A lot of people like to see a woman in "power", and he knows it. Given McCain's age, there is a BIG possibility that Palin could take presidency. Scary! That's all I can say. And I do agree with you on the fact that she IS a mom, and needs to be a mom for her children before entering a career in politics. No doubt about that!

I don't lean towards any one candidate, that way I can stay open minded about whatever takes place in the end. Coming from a position of living in the US and hearing about the election non-stop from Americans, I can say with 99% certainty that Obama will most likely win. From what I've seen, America is tired of being led by "Christian" Republicans who don't make decisions based on the people's voice anymore. Bottom line. Maybe it's another sign of the end times. Whether Obama is a wolf in sheep's skin or not, I really don't know. But I know that America is just around the corner from some big change....whoever wins.

In America I feel that you have to be a one-issue voter. There will never be a president that you agree with 100%. You have to find the one who supports and defends YOUR biggest issue. The rest will just fall wherever and however it lands.

Darla said...

Rachel: Is it possible that it's because the media is so pro-Obama that you think he is going to win? I'm saying that with true hopefulness because, as I said in my post, I am scared spitless that he will. I do know that here in good old Canada, from what I've read, McCain is gaining on Obama. In fact, one article I read quoted previous Obama women supporters (with these women's names) as jumping ship to join McCain because of Sarah Palin. I personally do think that is a very shallow reason to change allegiances, but it does make me hope that the tide is turning.

I agree wholeheartedly that McCain did use this as a last minute tactic. At this point it looks like it's helping.

Thanks a lot for commenting.

Rachel and Aaron Roberts said...

Yes, you are probably right about the media being pro-Obama. However McCain does have the favor of portions of the media world. It will definitely be a significant mark in history.

My only hope is that whichever candidate wins will begin to withdraw from Iraq. Living within a Military community really shows you the real-life devastation this war has brought to America (and Canada).

Darla said...

I honestly can't imagine how you feel, Rachel, having a husband that will likely be sent there at some point.

Laura said...

You could have spineless wimps for politicians like we have had in our country. I can't help but admire ANYONE who has the GUTS to take a stand against popular mainstream political views.

So, when I see someone stand up against terrorists, bullies, or try to go against the tide to right a wrong, I can't help but admire that intestinal fortitude.

After all, when you get right down to it, the great heroes of the Bible were the ones who pretty much stood alone with very little support and they wrought great victries. That can be said about many great men throughout history, too.

Enough said. Enjoyed this post and we will see what happens in the next few months. Not only in America but also in our own country as well.