Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Informer

If we study history, I believe every family has one of these. Bill Cosby did for sure. In our family, it's the youngest female. She can't help herself, really, poor girl. It comes from a mutant gene that, unfortunately, chose her to embody. Perhaps the gene was afraid if it waited it wouldn't get another chance. Perhaps this gene likes the female gender better (I think statistically it's probably true). In our family, this gene was handed down by none other than her....um....mother.

This mother felt it necessary as a child to inform her parents about all the sins her siblings committed, particularly her older and younger sister. In one particular instance, she informed mom and dad that her sisters decided to try something that was strictly forbidden (like smoking - remember ladies?). For some reason, she was conscience-stricken (unlike her siblings) and felt the need to inform. Needless to say, she was not very popular with her sisters for quite a while. And this popularity waffled back and forth throughout the years, depending on how much the informant informed.

Now the informant has surfaced again. She feels the need to let mom and dad know at all times when her brother is.....behaving questionably. She even feels it necessary to inform her parents when they are erring.

Her latest informing skills have stretched even farther. While this mother drives the school bus, she tries her very best to keep the children in line, by informing.

"Mom, Sydney is not sitting straight like she should."

"Mom, Sydney put her arms over my seat."

"Mom, Seth is talking too much."

It is definitely true that we reap what we sow. And while this mother has not been an informer for many, many years, that mutant gene has found it's way back.

And so the informing continues.


Laura said...

Ah, yes...I am rather basking in this story. It has finally come back to haunt you. Poor, poor soul. You do realize you have many, many more years left to deal with your "informer"?

In the Light Photography said...

Im so confused.

Darla said...

I'm "confused" about why you're "confused" Rachel. ???

I knew you'd like it, Laura.

Mrs. Wizzle said...

An I am confused why you are confused that she is confused. I am not confused at all. Or maybe that is an illusion! ha ha ha ha h ah

Darla said...

The funny thing is, Mrs. Wizzle, is that she really was confused! I asked her at church tonight!

Anonymous said...

Informing can be good sometimes. But the part Darla neglected to mention about this smoking thing, was that it was about 2 months after Laura gave me and Rhonda a smoke in the park, and Darla said no because she was an athlete....(I just had to say it....), no seriously, she was..however, 2 months later we are camping with our family, Laura and I are sleeping in the top bunk of the motorhome (because Darla gets closterfobic - I was not home skooled). So in the middle of the night...literally, Darla wakes up crying, mom is trying to get out of her whatever is on her mind....me and my sister are up in the bunk laying a load as we are scared....Darla confesses that we were smoking quite awhile ago and then Laura started balling in the bunk. The next morning, mom told Laura to keep her smokes to herself, and told me to wait until I was old enough to make the decision myself.
Being an informer is not always a bad thing....I kill myself listening to Hannah...she is a chip of the ol block.....he he he he


Darla said...

Yes, Lana, I know I have to "guide the informer" to inform about the necessary things. And I wasn't sure how much detail you or Laura wanted me to put on my post, so thank you for filling in the blanks. I suspect Hannah is exactly the same way, unfortunately. It's good to have a conscience, but it can definitely be overkill sometimes. Although I did tattle at times just to get you guys into trouble, there were times (like that story) where I definitely felt guilty, although I'm not sure why.