Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hannah's Room - Part Two

Here is where Hannah has been sleeping since Saturday. I must say that both of them have been really good about it. Seth, my social kid, thinks it's great to have company (although he still sneaks in with us most nights), and Hannah I think realizes that at the end of this she will have a new room and so is just good naturedly biding her time.

This is my pink and purple wall. Dave is hard at work painting the desk that is causing us so much grief. I think if I had to do it all over again, I would have just bought a desk for much more money that was already perfect. Instead, we got one on sale that we had to paint because it was a putrid brown color. We have had to paint and sand it at least a half dozen times. If our time was worth money, then it definitely wasn't a steal of a deal after all.

And this, folks, is our yellow and green wall with a glimpse of the blue ceiling. So you see, it is definitely a colorful room. I must say that overall, I like it very much. I chose the colors with some trepidation and was a bit worried that I would hate it. But I don't. Even my mom, who likes bright "white" walls and has no imagination at all with decorating, admitted that it was better than she expected, which is high praise coming from her. And Dave, who was just obediently painting what I chose admitted after painting the ceiling that it seemed to bring it all together, which is true, it did.
I will post the final pictures when the room is put together. Except for the stupid desk, the end is in sight.

Again, goodnight.


Laura said...

looking good!

Vrennily said...

Oooh love the colors!!! =)

Darla said...

Thanks, Vren. Nice of you to leave a comment.

Laura said...

hurry up, i'm waiting for the new pictures to be posted! what's taking so long? hee, hee, hee.