Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hannah's Room - Part One

I'll be much more lighthearted tonight, I promise. I've recovered from last night. We're in the middle of redoing Hannah's bedroom for her birthday, which is on Monday. Thanks to my niece, Rachel, I was finally able to upload some pictures (remember how stupid I said I was?). The one above is one of her old, messy, Pooh room.

This one is also of her Pooh room, minus some decals which she took down when she was around three years old. I spent many hours doing this and loved it, but alas, the time has come to let it go.

She is enjoying ripping off the decals below, as you can see. She had been after me to let her do it, and was not at all sad to see it go.

Below is her room all cleaned and ready to begin. She will probably have her bed right where it's at in the picture, so I put it there to see how well she adjusted with it being in the middle, having never had it anywhere but against a wall. We needed to take it apart to paint her headboard and footboard.

She really wants a princess room that's colorful. I told her we would do lots of color and as princessy as we could make it without Cinderella being on the wall, as she would be sick of Cinderella in about two years, and she was not getting a new room until she was at least 12. So, her room is going to be very colorful, each wall a different color. I'll post pictures as we go along, now that I know how. We started yesterday (actually Dave started cutting in Saturday), so she's been sleeping on a mattress on the floor in Seth's room since Saturday night.

We've finished all four walls, all different colors, all 3-4 coats of paint. Now the ceiling needs to be done, her closet door needs fixing and painting, and a desk we bought needs to be finished painting and sanding (which seems to be a bigger project than anything else). Hopefully by Friday morning I can start moving everything back in and doing the fun, decorating stuff. Her party is supposed to be on Sunday night at our house since we only have church Sunday morning this week and I'm beginning to wonder when I'll have time to clean it. You should see our living room. All Hannah's furniture is in it.

I'll post more pictures tomorrow. Good night.


Laura said...

I cannoot wait to see her reaction to the colors when everything is all finished. I am sure she will love everything. I know I am excited to see everything done.

Laura said...

I apperantly can't spell cannot...I forgot to do a spell check!! :-) Duh!

Darla said...

You also can't spell "apperantly". Hee, Hee.

Laura said...

okay then....look at the time i posted? so there!