Sunday, May 13, 2012

Crocodile On The Nile

It's Mother's Day. And Mother's Day will always be one of the most important "special" days to me.  I spend the day looking at my children and shaking my head that I have been so blessed.

However, the day did end with my son going to bed.  EARLY.

It happened at church tonight.  He had already not heard several times prior, and I was tired of repeating my requests.  For instance, during prayer I noticed him standing, looking behind him, making strange movements and faces, so I told him to sit down.  He is old enough now to sit, and I am conscientous of him not being a distraction to the people sitting behind me.  He had a valid reason for his antics, so I discovered.

"Mom, I was making shadows on the wall.  And this time I was a crocodile on the Nile."

And I thought, "Okay.  This is Mother's Day. Maybe I will appreciate this wonderfully funny, bright boy of mine." And I laughed quietly to myself.  Because he does make me smile a hundred times a day.

But that isn't why he was sent to bed.  I came off the platform after song service, walked to my pew, and discovered him playing Mr. Spy, or some other highly suspenseful espionage game.....slinking down hiding, trying to be sneaky.  I told him to stand up.  He didn't.  I bent down and firmly repeated my request.  He sat down with his BACK ARCHED. I felt my claws come out.

I took him downstairs for  (Really, truly.  I  On the way downstairs he carefully repeated that he "wanted his daddy".  I really have no idea why.

And so, after carrying on unnecessarily downstairs, I told him he was going to bed early.

And that is the story.

On this Mother's Day, I feel blessed. I wouldn't trade my daughter or son for anything. Both unique. Both wonderful.  Both stinkers sometimes....(my daughter leaned over to me during the preaching, while Pastor Dehod was talking about his own mother's organized, clean house and said, "wouldn't that be nice, mom!"......).

But God is good. Chaos and all.....:-).  Happy Mother's Day to all of my wonderful friends and family!

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