Monday, November 21, 2011


I am convinced my son will cause me severe embarrassment the older he gets. He is the kind of boy who does most things on a whim. If a thought enters his brain, the action most certainly will follow.

Today we visited my Granny while at her day program. The kids wanted to see their Great Granny "in action", and the program invites drop-in visits. While there, I witnessed this thought-entering-the-brain-thingy in action. He thought it would be funny to hide. So he picks a poor, unsuspecting senior - who is NOT his Great Granny - to play hide-and-seek with, hiding behind her chair while she was eating. He waits for her to turn one way to see what is behind her, then he scoots the other way, out of sight. He plays this game as long as he doesn't get caught. Fortunately, it wasn't long, because I caught him and put a stop to it. I didn't want him to scare the wits out of this poor lady.

I have little hope of ending this problem. Seriously. I don't even have to be more than a hand's reach away for him to carry out some scheme of his. In this case I was right there, speaking to my Granny. Yes, I can punish him, but I have yet to find a punishment that will curb his impulsive behaviour.

That little episode was nothing, though, compared to this next event.

We were outside the hospital (where her day program is) when a woman rushed past us. This woman unintentionally scared Seth because he didn't hear or see her coming. He moved out of the way when he realized it, and, as she rushed past, he hollered out:


Don't ask me where he comes up with his on-the-spot names, but I do suspect it is part of his DNA, which comes from his.....mother Great Aunt Bertha on his father's side.

It cannot possibly be my fault, after all.


Rachel Goff said...

Ok, I had a great laugh- out loud- much to the surprise of my very quiet household. I can totally hear this being said! "Tootie Bennett", huh? I may have to use that one myself!! (Still chuckling...)

Anonymous said...

That is HILARIOUS!!! At least you have a lot of laughs!! LOL! He's gonna be something great! He's just gotta b!!!
Lisa S

Darla said...

Now I laughed out loud, Rachel, at the thought of you using Tootie Bennett on someone else! And Lisa, I do have a lot of laughs. Some of them are hours later, I confess, but I do laugh. Laughter is a great consolation, after all!