Monday, September 26, 2011

Serious Girl

My daughter got 63% on a spelling test today. She has never received a mark that low or done so poorly on any assignment before. She is struggling to concentrate.

She is more impatient than she has ever been.

Despite doing so well in piano, she has two songs she has not been able to pass that she has been working on for several weeks. She seems to get a portion of it perfect, and then falls apart in another part of the song (I mean that literally.....tears AND tantrums). The next time she plays it, the parts she does perfect are reverse. She cannot seem to play the whole song(s) through in its entirety.

She is a perfectionist. Her piano teacher pointed that out to me today.

She has been frustrated for several weeks about many things. She cries at the drop of a hat. She is extremely serious about EVERYTHING.

She is very intense.

Although she has laughed with and at other people, she cannot laugh at herself.

She is nine.

Besides the obvious....growing-up-getting-close-to-teenager-moodiness.....she needs the Holy Ghost.

I seriously do covet your prayers.


Cherylg said...

Greetings in the Lord my sister.

I remember just before I came into the church, I was VERY emotional. I would cry over SILLY things.

Sounds like God has been ripening her heart so that she will receive it. Believing all these signs are saying that it will happen any day now.

Prayers & Blessings!

C c({8)+<{=B

Darla said...

That is my hope, Sis. Cheryl, which is why I posted this story. I really appreciate people's prayers. Thank you for your comment.