Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just About My Boy

This post is about my boy, whom I've been neglecting in my posts recently. I actually found him funny today. Maybe my vitamins are kicking in.

He began the day teasing Hannah, telling her that "all girls want a beard", which of course got an outrageous reaction from her. I secretly laughed. He so easily knows how to push his sister's buttons.

After overhearing a discussion I was having with my daughter (who is very inquisitive and was asking me about how the white people took the land from the natives, which turned into the very sensitive topic of Residential Schools and how mistreated the native people were at the hands of white people.......), he informed me that if it was him that was taken out of our home, put in a Residential School, the first thing he would request is to go to the park. Then, after the trip to the park, he would turn and THROW STONES AT THE GOVERNMENT!!! Then after that, he would find a digger to come and "dig a home out for us" (because he would leave and find his parents after all) which would, of course, be conveniently located across the street from the park.

The night ended with the discovery of half of his stuffed animals hidden in his coat sleeves, hanging on a hook in his bedroom. I went to get his coat and found it very heavy. As I removed his beloved animals, I couldn't help but chuckle. I could imagine him saying, "wasn't I tricky, mom?! HA HA!! I sure tricked you, mom, didn't I?!"

But then again, maybe he was just trying to take them along to his next destination. You never know.

If this post isn't funny to anyone else, that's okay. It certainly was to me and even more than that, is somewhat of a celebration that my sense of humour just might be returning with regard to my boy. I needed that.


Rachel Peterson said...

What vitamins do you it is funny though...what a character

Laura said...

Do you want to share your vitamins? I am sure my husband thinks I need them I think Seth has a future in politics...jsut sayin'