Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Little Johnny

See My Little Johnny? Doesn't he look sweet?

My Little Johnny got sent upstairs today from Sunday School. He disobeyed one teacher twice and another once. I could hear My Little Johnny screaming in the sanctuary (he was in the stairwell leading downstairs, a bit of a distance off). Little Johnny's dad went down to lend a hand. My Little Johnny - after he walked through the valley of the shadow of death - slithered into the sanctuary, totally embarrassed.

Even though I am writing this in a humorous style, I really don't find it funny. I've been gearing up for boot camp, which I was going to begin tomorrow, because I've understood that if My Little Johnny is a disobedient child, then I am directly responsible as the main parent (as in disciplinarian because I'm with him all day). I accept that responsibility. After seeking resources, I finally feel like I know what I am going to do to change the situation - and so tomorrow a *whole new life will begin*.

Daddy told his Little Johnny that he will be apologizing to his teachers this evening. My Little Johnny nodded in agreement.....then said:

"But I'm going to tell them not to tell ANYONE ELSE...."

Obviously My Little Johnny already forgot that *everyone* knows.......he made sure of that by his shrieks and by slithering into the sanctuary. The only child in the sanctuary. Like, duh.

I'll end this by saying that My Little Johnny has been sick with a cold, which prompted another *famous* question.....or should I say two questions:

"Mom, do germs get fevers? Do they get sick and throw up?"

I apologize to those who do not find his questions funny. However, since this blog is my only method currently of recording some of his sayings, I will be posting them. I happen to find most of his questions side-splittingly funny and I really do want to remember them.

So now I sign prepare for boot camp.


Laura said...

I will pray for you.....General. Hahahahaha! Or maybe I should be praying for Little Johnny and Sweet Susie instead! No seriously, it is going to be fine I am sure, as we know that 90% of the victory is having a made up mind going into the battle.


P.S. you could tell Little johnny to "go prepare" like Mark Lowrey did as a child. (-:

Darla said...

Good idea! He's always wanting to be just like Mark Lowry, so what better way than this!