Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Killer Ant

Here's the story.

After coming home with a bunch of groceries, my son decided, for the first time ever, that he wanted to run barefoot into the house. You have to know my son to understand that this is a huge progression for him. He is not the typical boy in that he does not like bugs of any kind and hates getting dirty. Thus the combination of these two things makes running barefoot rather difficult. He might squash a bug or get his feet dirty, after all. I do not know what made him suddenly decide to do this, but I celebrate it as a small victory.

Thus, because Seth managed to successfully navigate the length of the driveway barefoot, it was only a matter of time before his very competitive sister decided try this previously uncharted territory as well. Hannah has grown in leaps and bounds in so many things, overcoming many of her fears, so I wasn't really that surprised that she had determined to try this.

She successfully helped me bring one load of groceries into the house - shoeless - dropping her flip flops in the house after the first trip. She went back to the trunk to grab another bag when, lo and behold, out of nowhere, comes this....................KILLER ANT!...................obviously loaded down with artillery galore. I didn't see it (how could I miss it, I ask?), but I certainly could not miss my daughter's shriek. Nor could my neighbours for that matter.

"Mom!" my daughter hollered. "There's an ANT!" I stood there, unable to rescue my daughter because I was laughing, so she took matters into her own hands, as noted by the picture below:

She climbed into the open trunk. And she wasn't budging. And I was helpless with laughter. I finally managed to go into the house, grab the camera, and return with her flip flops. I took this picture (the sun was in her eyes) and did aid in her rescue after all.

And honestly, I'm still laughing.


Laura said...

At least you weren't driving the vehicle when the "killer ant" was spotted. You may have ended up in the ditch! We had the "killer bee" but I was driving on the freeway, and Rachel let out this blood curdling scream, I honestly thought someone was trying to kill her! I swerved and almost ended up in the ditch.

I still laugh about that story because it is funny now, but it wasn't so funny then, let me tell you. They do outgrow their fears, Darla!

Amy St. Pierre said...

Oh so funny! We had a yard sale a couple years ago, and I was talking to this lady when Emma screamed so loud and so bloodcurdling, the lady shrieked and whipped out her cell phone probably to call the police...a spider on her leg...sigh...

! V r e n said...

Hahahahahaha she did NOT jump in that trunk!! I love it! That's so cool that you always have your camera to capture moments like these!