Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quirks.....Part One

I know everyone has quirks, some more unique than others. Some other time I will even post some of my own quirks, but for now, these are my children's. And none of these ones came from me.
Both of my children have a phobia with blowing their noses. Yes, that's what I said. Blowing their noses. Neither of them like the sensation of snot passing through their nasal passage, so instead they walk around with runny noses, constantly sniffling, and driving me nuts. Kleenex is totally wasted by my children. They grab it and wipe, but they will not blow, and they waste 3/4 of the kleenex. And it's expensive. I have not figured out a way to get them to do it.
Both of my children get grossed out very easy. This started with Hannah and I believe Seth picked it up. If they see a crumb (doesn't even have to be gross-looking) anywhere beside their plate, on their clothes or on their body - you get the picture - they do not like it. Now, Hannah is almost past this stage, but Seth is at the height of it. He had a piece of rice on his lip and he spazzed. It can be IN his mouth, but cannot be anywhere else or he will freak. Almost every time they eat something with some sort of visible spice, they have to be convinced it is only a spice. I think they think it is a bug.
Speaking of bugs - specifically ones that fly. Now this is not an uncommon phobia, I understand, but I do often wonder what Seth would be like if he wasn't first influenced by his big sister. I think they are both excessive in their fears, Seth in particular for being a boy. He is all boy with wrestling and exploring and climbing, etc., but he is NOT the typical boy in this way. I can't wait for Spring and the first flying insect. Believe me, Winter is a bit of a break for me. Being in the van with a mosquito on the loose is quite a treat for the eardrums. They've also both let loose in church, and it was not in harmony with the singing. And no, they did not get this from me. The only insect phobia I have is spiders, and that I have improved about 80 percent since having children. I even kill most of them, (and without hairspray....a little inside joke). I do not freak around grasshoppers, moths, bees, wasps, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, or beetles. And I will kill them. So I will NOT be blamed for this one.
Seth was three before he could suck out of a straw. And this from a boy that was nursed until he was almost two. Go figure.
On Part Two, I'll talk about Hannah being very "ducks-in-a-row" and Seth the "flirt and the total snot". Until then....

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